Project: Montgomery (or Emilys and Annes; Cobwebs and Dreams…)

‘If it’s IN you to climb you must — there are those who MUST lift their eyes to the hills — they can’t breathe properly in the valleys.’

Once the prescient sense of doom from not completing my Middlemarch part in time (which hovered always – because I was always behind…) lifted, I swore I was going to take a break before embarking on another READING THING.

No, I was just going to enjoy reading – no pressure, no timelines, reading whatever the dang hell I pleased whenever I felt like it. So there.

Which completely worked.

For about a week.


(Un)fortunately I seem to be one of those people that need some form of structure, be it large or small, in which to be comfortable…? Well, whatever the nureosies – it has brought us to here:

Project: Montgomery.

I am intending to visit Prince Edward Island next year, and given that my blog title is derived from my favourite of ALL Montgomery books, I thought a re-hash of the Amazing Ms Montgomery would be worthwhile. The last time I read them I was an angsty misunderstood teen…

So, each month-ish I will be reading a Montgomery and posting about it.

Did you know there are 70 distinct titles written by Montgomery????

Really. 70.

I will, though, give it a good ole English try.

First Up: Emily of New Moon.


This is the cover of my copy…sigh.

(Which incidentally is free on Project Gutenberg

I thought I would start with my favourites and spread out from there. First post at the end of this month.

If you would like to join in – PLEASE do! And feel free to let me know, so I don’t feel alone and sad, with only the company of cats… But no pressure.

We shall see how it all goes.

à bientôt kittens!


Valancy: thinking of moons, new or not…and cats thin and fat. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Project: Montgomery (or Emilys and Annes; Cobwebs and Dreams…)

  1. Valancy! You poetic, noble mad-mermaid! You vivacious rainbow of joy! You spectacular cloud of brilliance!

    I am so excited that I haven’t even read the entirety of your post! Just that I want to say YES!!!!!

    You see, I only ever discovered Anne (of Green Gables) when I was 18/19. And I gobbled them up in a crazed fervor! And I still haven’t read the Emily books which I understand are even better in some ways?!!

    So, yes! yes! count me in! count me in!

    P.S. Ok, I like this one book a month-ish thing! Like A LOT, lot! feels totally freeing!! and this month’s book is Emily of New Moon?! Yay! YAY!

    P.P.S. Acknowledgments to Miss Leslie Knope for bringing those colorful compliments into existence!

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    1. hahahaha – YAY! That you are in – so exciting!!!
      The Emily books are…different – I think Emily is brasher and more confident and she has fire – I always felt kindred with Anne…but I always admired Emily so much – she said the things everyone was too afraid to – It will be interesting to see if I still feel the same way!

      Also: MUST watch Parks and Recreation – I don’t understand how I have got this far in life without ever seeing it!!!

      AND: being any kind of mermaid it SUPER-COOL whether land or mad lol ☺️

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  2. I would so totally join you if I weren’t already reading something for Naz’s Latinx Heritage Month and two books for the R.I.P. Challenge! But I wish you well, and will look forward to reading your posts!

    (Also, I’ve only ever read Anne of Green Gables, like five years ago for the first time. Not any of her others. I feel like a weirdo in the book world because of this.)

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    1. Thanks!! It sounds like your plate is pretty full – it’s such a fine line between commitment and TOO much commitment isn’t it??
      Oh – and don’t feel weird – I always feel that Montgomery books usually appear in your life, just when you need them – so when the time comes — they will appear (like the Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement – only bookishly.. 🙂 )

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    1. Oooh YES – YES !!!!
      Actually I saw on Shallowreader August Bingo post that there was a Romance Novel Meetup in Montreal in August 2017??? I was (serendipitously) thinking about going to PEI IN August – that’s when my holidays are…sooo I was thinking I could manoeuvre things around to go to that too (which would be super cool) But either way — I will *definitely* be talking to you! 🙂


      1. So I had a brain fart there ‘cus I HAVE NO IDEA WHY but I did not realize that you intended to go to Prince Edward Island IRL! I thought you were referring to the Anne books (as in you would read those next year), which I have to admit, given that you stated you’ll be reading Emily this month didn’t make sense but I kind of just papered over it? 😕

        Anyway! So cool! So cool! So cool!! i’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun!!

        Wish I could meet you too!


        1. haha – well – I am in the area for about two weeks – so maybe we can work something out – I would LOVE to meet up – that would be so awesome. I shall cogitate and get back to you! (insert willy wonka dreamers quote here…!) 😛

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