Bingo @ BlueCastle, November, (or just when I was about to truly despair, I tied in a win….!)

It has been one of THOSE months.

You know, the ones where each week is ascendingly more awful than the week preceding it, until you are at this zenith point of Terribleness, but there is nowhere escape and you think: yep, this is it. Hell has frozen over and I am just waiting for a nod from one of the four horseman before the End of Days is officially declared.

Yeah, one of those Novembers.


Emily Climbs, L M Montgomery (or Valancy is lazy + but this is also TOTALLY a historical…)

So this months TBR Challenge (from Wendy the peerless and diamond-like Librarian) was Historical.

I am behind (Like the white rabbit, sans the pocket watch, because mine died years ago..) and Emily Climbs fulfils both my I-am-going-to-read-a-montgomery-a-month, and the TBR Challenge that I have been feeling slightly desperately about.

Essays in Love, Alan De Botton (Or when souls are camels and therapy for Madame Bovary…)

This month’s TBR challenge from Wendy the Super-Super Librarian (I say it twice because she is like Awesome Squared) was Paranormal/Suspense…Just in time for, (if you follow it) Halloween.

Confession: I’ve never followed it. That’s not to say I don’t believe in it – because, evidentially it does empirically exist, but rather, my family, and thus myself, have never celebrated it, so it doesn’t really register on my life-scale. (I cite previous occasions referencing Puritanical-Baptist-Soul-Portion.)

September TBR: Joan Wolf (or Castles, Prince Charming & Blackmailing Love…)

This month’s TBR Challenge from the luminary Wendy The Super Librarian (as dictated from her Fortress of Solitude & Books) was No theme! No Theme! No Theme! This should have made it very easy – the reality?
Far far from the madding crowd… Nothing seemed quite right. I was overly picky, underly decisional and the result was just a big ole mess.

SO I made my OWN theme: The Joan Wolf Theme.