Middlemarch Read-A-Long

Organised by the amazing Juhi @ Nooks & Crannies.

This also ticks my ‘I want to read at least one big, thick, old book this year’ resolution.

Plus, I have other peoples to keep me to my deadlines.

So VERY efficient of me, I hardly recognise myself.

Read More about March-A-Long here

Book I review: Classic Review – Middlemarch, George Eliot (or venturing into provincial life)

Book II review: Middlemarch: Book II, Old and Young (Or, not everything is coming up roses…)

Book III review: Middlemarch, Book III, Waiting for Death (or knee deep in the provincial life…)

Book IV review: Middlemarch Book IV, Three Love Problems, (or better late than never…)

Book V review: Middlemarch Book V, The Dead Hand, (or when you-know-who, finally does you-know-what…)

Book VI review: Middlemarch Book VI, The Widow & The Wife, (or murderous spouses and scary blackmail…)

Book VII & VIII: MIDDLE MARCH. THE END (Or Dorothea is my spirit animal…Rosamund on the other hand….?)