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Project Montgomery: Emily of New Moon (or I want a cat named Saucy Sal too…)

The framing and lens of childhood is a peculiarly unique thing. Thoughts, experiences and world views are constrained by a lack of knowing and conditioned by only a few powerful influences.

Wodehouse Shorties, (or chocolate box change and escaping the rut…)

I have a rut. It’s comfortable and secure. Located deep in a dell by BlueCastle, it contains THOUSANDS of romances.

Sky-high piles of romances.

In fact so many romances, I have considered becoming a sort-of endangered species-rescuer of romances; whisking them away from their unfortunate situations and perilous existence in op-shops, garages and the back of wardrobes everywhere and releasing them at BlueCastle…where they can roam freely, without prejudice or fear of poaching…