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Fielding, Browning, Sedaris & Montgomery (or reading-whilst-waiting; TBR & AnneReadAlong2017 – ALL in the one post – (*self-congratulatory snoopy dance*)…)

This month has been one of waiting. An inordinate amount of waiting: in airports, at bus stops, train stations, in taxicabs; in fact my life over the last few weeks has felt like some fifth level limbo but with extra good books.

RE JANE, Patricia Park (or an analogous Jane Eyre)

My understanding, going in was that is was a RE-IMAGINING of Jane Eyre. A contemporary Korean American retelling of Charlotte Bronte’s inimitable classic. It looked modern, bright, full of potential…But having learned from bitter experience, and previous forays in to this type of thing, I kept my expectations low. So, say, anything above a blank piece of paper was going to be a good thing.