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An Independent Woman, Betty Neels (or a secret gift from the cleaning fairies…)

This week I had SO many things I was determined to get through – the least of these being that I would finish the 6th (!) part of Middlemarch and finally post about it.


Twas not meant to be.

There I was, grouching over the vacuuming (yet again) when hunkering down to extinguish the ever present (and LARGE) dust bunnies under a bookcase – what did I discover?

See Me, Nicholas Sparks (Or a dud by any other name…)

The world can never be free of Nicholas Sparks.
I have realised this. I may not have embraced it, but I have definitely acknowledged the fact that in the world of bizarre, strange, intriguing, generic, and down right bland interests, Nicholas Sparks fills a void.
He is the reason why prematurely grey actors still can find work; why action heroes can still make movies in the off-season, why women (and society in general), have completely unrealistic ideas about