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Sara Seale (or, in support of the comfort read…)

Not that it really needs defending….but I was having a discussion/argument/wild gesticulating raised voice conversation the other day with a nice-but-snobby-reading-friend (you know you’re not destined to be kindred spirits when someone refers to Anne-with-an-e as ‘that carrot-haired girl with plaits right?’)

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, Amy E. Reichert (or the only food book not to make me hungry…)

If there is one thing I can not resist in the world – it’s a romance with food & food peoples. You know how some people are about cowboys? How they start fanning themselves and getting heart palpitations at the mere mention of a jingling spur??? Well, Foodie Romances (is that a thing? I’m not sure – but BlueCastle is making it so), are like my own personal catnip. I can’t resist them. Chefs, cooks, B&B’s with food, kitchens, restaurants, food vans, catering, fast food* – it’s like a book buffet.