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The Tuesday Night Club, Agatha Christie (or the only bookclub I really want to join…)

With the horror that is The Holidays (we capitalise it in our family) receding firmly into the past, I am once again ready to face the world…And this month’s TBR challenge (Bless Wendy of the Super-Librarian fame and her smart January Selection-ing) was Short Shorts.

My Short Shorts came in the form of the venerable Ms Christie’s Miss Marple Complete Short Stories


Bingo @ BlueCastle, November, (or just when I was about to truly despair, I tied in a win….!)

It has been one of THOSE months.

You know, the ones where each week is ascendingly more awful than the week preceding it, until you are at this zenith point of Terribleness, but there is nowhere escape and you think: yep, this is it. Hell has frozen over and I am just waiting for a nod from one of the four horseman before the End of Days is officially declared.

Yeah, one of those Novembers.