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June Bingo (or the month that practically NOTHING went ANYWHERE…)

Yep. I am blaming the bingo card. Not my (possibly appalling) reading choices. Externalising blame…it’s much safer that way! I hadn’t noticed until I started BINGO-ing (can that be a verb?), … Continue reading June Bingo (or the month that practically NOTHING went ANYWHERE…)

May BINGO @ Blue Castle (or the month Valancy won NOTHING…not that that’s the point or anything….)

I had great hopes for May…Alas – twas not meant to be. In short: I read books, I filled squares. And NOTHING lined up in a row. It didn’t help that some of the books were so incredibly bad, that really using them as a BINGO square was the only thing that kept me going….

But here are the contenders:

Valancy & the Mountain of Terribleness, (or, the Never-Ending Search for the Emancipated Female…)

I don’t THINK it has been a while since I posted – but it FEELS like it.
Life has been too – too…just TOO.
It also hasn’t helped that I’ve been stranded on a monadnock (YES – the COOLEST new descriptor ever) of terrible books. At times I wondered if I was going to have to go all Hatchet on them just to get out alive – but last night there was a break through(!) (*tears of relief*)