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A Christmas Journey, Anne Perry, (Did you notice that in the 12 days of Christmas no one mentions alcohol at all?? So why are they all still so cheerful…?!)

A super quick mini review to satisfy Wendy the Superlative Librarian’s December’s TBR challenge (I can’t miss out a month — it would throw EVERYTHING out!) pulled from the depths … Continue reading A Christmas Journey, Anne Perry, (Did you notice that in the 12 days of Christmas no one mentions alcohol at all?? So why are they all still so cheerful…?!)

Essays in Love, Alan De Botton (Or when souls are camels and therapy for Madame Bovary…)

This month’s TBR challenge from Wendy the Super-Super Librarian (I say it twice because she is like Awesome Squared) was Paranormal/Suspense…Just in time for, (if you follow it) Halloween.

Confession: I’ve never followed it. That’s not to say I don’t believe in it – because, evidentially it does empirically exist, but rather, my family, and thus myself, have never celebrated it, so it doesn’t really register on my life-scale. (I cite previous occasions referencing Puritanical-Baptist-Soul-Portion.)

September TBR: Joan Wolf (or Castles, Prince Charming & Blackmailing Love…)

This month’s TBR Challenge from the luminary Wendy The Super Librarian (as dictated from her Fortress of Solitude & Books) was No theme! No Theme! No Theme! This should have made it very easy – the reality?
Far far from the madding crowd… Nothing seemed quite right. I was overly picky, underly decisional and the result was just a big ole mess.

SO I made my OWN theme: The Joan Wolf Theme.

About a Boy: Minuscule Thoughts on a Book…The Unfinished Garden, Barbara Claypole White

Musings, reflection, rumination, cogitation: more of this than an actual review – because I am just not sure how I feel about the whole book really. I discovered Barbara Claypole White’s The Unfinished Garden, whilst browsing.
It was in that nifty little section that triumphantly advises ‘people who liked your book also liked these’; meaning if YOU had the good taste to stumble upon this book, then surely you will like to purchase these OTHER books that people who may have BETTER taste then you liked too…

Again (or How I’ve Climbed onto the Gilles Seidel Love Wagon)

For those following – or caring – I was last writing in the midst of a terrible, horrible, no-good, purple-spotted book slump. It was like being in the fire swamp from the Princess Bride: flame spurts, lightning sand, rodents of unusual size and worst of all: deeply terrible stories.

Fortunately, I managed to stagger through, out into the light, and when I did, I was clasping Kathleen Gilles Seidel’s Again.

Valancy and the pile of MEH

I am sad to report and and even more loath to write it… BUT I think it may be possible that I have entered a wee doldrum of book reading.

Yes, like the muppets of treasure island ilk, I have sailed the distant oceans, traversed the waters and just when the I was avast ye-ing into the horizon, I encountered the doldrums…or in this case: the-enormous-pile-of-books-I-started-and-threw-down-again-in-frustration/hatred/annoyance/disdain.

It’s a big pile. My cats edge quietly around it, wondering if its precarious lean to left will end in a squished tail.