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August BINGO (or retroactive BINGO wins still don’t count…)

That moment when post-filling your BINGO card, you realise the first 5 books you read this month made BINGO?
Yeah. Note to self: Be more Organised.
Anywhoo. This month’s BINGO; brought to us by the fabulously sagacious Shallowreader

Everywhere and Every Way, Jennifer Probst, (Or one trope sandwich – hold the cheese…)

Last month I was late with my TBR challenge (*hangs head in shame*), so I was determined to be AT LEAST almost on time with this one…

This month’s TBR Challenge, pulled from Wendy the Super Librarian’s Cliffs of Insanity was Favourite Trope. Which is kind of like asking me which of my cat-children I love best, or which M&M flavour I horde secretly so I don’t have to share…Or my favourite type of alcohol…

I mean really who can decide?