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My Not So Perfect Life, Sophie Kinsella, (or petty revenge and the dubious rise of glamping…)

Bonjour my pretties.

I have, (it’s entirely possible) complained about our Australian Summers before. So I won’t bore you with long whingy details again – suffice to say it is hot.

So hot.

So unbelievably hot.

About a Boy: Minuscule Thoughts on a Book…The Unfinished Garden, Barbara Claypole White

Musings, reflection, rumination, cogitation: more of this than an actual review – because I am just not sure how I feel about the whole book really. I discovered Barbara Claypole White’s The Unfinished Garden, whilst browsing.
It was in that nifty little section that triumphantly advises ‘people who liked your book also liked these’; meaning if YOU had the good taste to stumble upon this book, then surely you will like to purchase these OTHER books that people who may have BETTER taste then you liked too…