TBR Challenge 2016

Tearing through my towering TBR – one book at a time…So a little more of the tortoise and less of the hare in this instance – but the result?

  • LESS books to read;
  • My cats can stop side-eying the dangerous and potentially tail-crushing obelisk of the yet-to-be-read-but-always-to-be-added-to;
  • I can justify further purchases to add to said obelisk…

Hosted by Wendy The Super Librarian – you can read more about it all here

January – Short Shorts – The World Forgetting by The World Forgot…(or my forgetful (heh) foray into Amnesia)

February – Series Catch Up – A Grave Matter, Anna Lee Huber, (Or there’s more of gravy than of grave about this…)

March – Recommended Read – Dixie Browning, (or how Valancy blatantly, unrepentantly over-used brackets in this post…)

April – Contemporary – Night Magic, Midnight & Wild Orchids, Karen Robards, (or my rare-magical-unicorn-author scale…)

May – Something Different – Wodehouse Shorties, (or chocolate box change and escaping the rut…)

June – Favourite Trope – Everywhere and Every Way, Jennifer Probst, (Or one trope sandwich – hold the cheese…)

July – Award Nominee or Winner Lovers, Haters & Lost Recipes (or July’s TBR Challenge – which almost kicked my butt…)

August – Kickin’ it old skool – Flamingo Flying South, Joyce Dingwell, (or the best Pet Moppet in the world….)

September – Random Pick –  September TBR: Joan Wolf (or Castles, Prince Charming & Blackmailing Love…)

October – Romantic Suspense/Paranormal – Essays in Love, Alan De Botton (Or when souls are camels and therapy for Madame Bovary…)

November – Historical – Emily Climbs, L M Montgomery (or Valancy is lazy + but this is also TOTALLY a historical…)

December – A Christmas Journey, Anne Perry, (Did you notice that in the 12 days of Christmas no one mentions alcohol at all?? So why are they all still so cheerful…?!)


Mission Accomplished. I will proceed with over-the-top-gloating forthwith. 🙂